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Since Nichiyo Co., Ltd.was established in 1994, we have been working hard to develope the transport business in East Asia. We put a lot of effort?into?setting up?a?good and multimodal transport system.? Our company focus on the business connection among Asian countries ?especially, like?as Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea?and Taiwan. Our company?offers not?only sea shipment but?also air freight. ?Besides,we will provide the most reliable information and the best services to satisfy our clients' needs.? With the increasing development and changes of the international business, transport system has to cope with it, too.? Therefore we provide?various kinds of services?and international transportation such as NVOCC, Multi-Modal transport, air freight, cargo storage and insurance, to/from overseas /Japan. Beside we will enlarge our service networks including land carriage, sea shipment and air freight In the future.

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